Jean & Morag,

Tea Ladies


Jean and Morag, Tea Ladies, the act, is the brainchild of Jane Cuthbert and Terry Wilkinson.


One day eight years ago, Jane remembered that she had a very large tricycle with lights and sound system that she used in street festivals. It was gently and quietly rusting away in her garage.


She had to do something. A street theatre act perhaps? She immediately thought of Terry as someone who was up for a laugh and was prepared to wear a frock. Terry thought about it long and hard for about five seconds, and the rest is, well, history.  

Les girls

Jean and Morag were not born but, rather like Frankenstein's monster, they were created. They are polar opposites in personality. Jean is overpowering and overbearing, with a superiority complex only surpassed by her personal beauty. Morag is gregarious and friendly but has been victim in the past to too trusting a nature, especially when it comes to men.   


After a long separation, they were reunited at their late father's funeral and are now living together in an often fragile domestic arrangement, over the border from their native Scotland. Their abode now is a small croft on the uplands above Saltburn by the Sea. They share it with their wee dog, Teabag.

Full details of their life together are now chronicled in their blog which can be found by clicking on this blue rectangle, marked 'JEAN & MORAG'S BLOG'.



Isn't technology wonderful?

The act

The act

As to Jean & Morag - the act, do read on. Their outings on the tricycle, at first a matter of expediency due to Morag's constant hip replacements, now occupy most of their free time. 


They now take refreshments with them, as well as table, chairs, crockery and a wee primus stove – everything in fact to enable them to stop wherever they want and have a tea party. People join them whilst going about their business. Before they quite understood what was happening, they were actually being booked to attend events.

Their trike travels have taken them to such diverse places as Hull, Morecambe, Liverpool, South Shields, Coventry, Harrogate and many others in closer reach. They have met Mayors, Lord Mayors and MPs; they have launched a thousand ships at the Tall Ships Race in Blyth; they have attended the Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations. 

They were invited to audition for Britain's Got Talent in 2017. They had to decline as it coincided with yet another of Morag's hip operations. 

They are popular because . . . 

These ‘twisted sisters’ are much in demand at vintage festivals, food fairs, cultural and sports events as well as anywhere that draws a crowd. Their particular brand of mirth and madness, with the odd biscuit thrown in (often literally!), has endeared them to the Great British Public.

But . . . they know not what they do! Terry and Jane have oft discussed what it is that makes their alter egos so popular. Their conclusion is simple – they make people smile, laugh and forget their worries. Purveyors of fun and happiness!

It's Christmas . . .