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England - 1941

English actor Howard Wesley has fallen in love with 1930s Berlin and made it his home. He is approached by German intelligence with the offer of his biggest and most dangerous role ever. Who better than a native Englishman to facilitate Hitler’s plans to invade Britain?

But on arrival in Britain, Wesley’s plans start to go awry when he finds himself being pursued by MI5 agent Albert Stokes, himself recently plucked from obscurity as a bank clerk. The agent’s brief is to hunt down enemy spies and Fifth Columnists by posing as Hitler’s man in London.

As the danger of invasion grows by the day, can both men survive the suspicions surrounding them? When both become embroiled in the inexplicable bombing of a lemonade factory and the disappearance of an RAF Hurricane, events only grow more convoluted.

In a race against time, RAF Fighter Command strive to prevent the theft of a second fighter - and the net is closing in on the handler.




Handler takes place in 1941 and is the first in a series of five books which will take English-born German spy, Howard Wesley, and his pursuer, MI5 agent Albert Stokes, through each year of the war.


The second book, Sleeper, takes place in 1942. It is due for publication in late 2022.


Terry will keep readers up to speed with news of this and other projects, in his blog.


Terry Wilkinson is the emerging author of a series of novels set in World War II. A blend of fact and fiction, they follow the experiences of English-born German spy, Howard Wesley, and his nemesis, MI5 agent, Albert Stokes. ‘Handler’ is the first in that series.

He lives in Marske by the Sea in the north-east of England. Quite old by biblical standards, he still has most of his marbles and has had a chequered and varied career.


At one extreme, he was a stockbroker and survived the stockmarket crash of 1987, which wasn’t his fault. At the other, he was a taxi driver for a few years, which also involved a crash. That wasn’t his fault either.


His employment then culminated in fifteen years of touring schools with his own theatre company, along with regular street appearances, where he was often asked to move along. Terry is very easily distracted.

Having exhausted most means of gainful employment, he now lives to write. Discovering very soon that he had neither time nor the patience to go down the (once) conventional route of mainstream publishing, he is taking the independent way.


Terry writes what he would love to read. He hopes you will too – love to read what he writes, that is!


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